5 Inexpensive DIY Gardening Ideas You Won’t Want To Miss

When it comes to DIY Gardening, many struggle to come up with creative ideas that will look great in their garden or yard. These ideas will transcend the sands of time and look great in any garden or yard area that needs a bit of sprucing up. They’re all easy to accomplish and will be very easy to maintain.

Succulent Gardens

Succulents require minimal care and will rapidly spread to fill in an area that needs something in it. Choose from hens and chickens, jade, and other succulents that will add some green to the area. Plant them in planters with flowers interspersed in between them or plant them all alone and watch them spread. If you use hanging planters they will eventually trail down the sides (dependent on the particular variety) and look great.


Petunias lend a lovely color to any yard. There are many different varieties and some are trailing. Intersperse these in between the succulents to lend an air of color. Petunias are on sale annually and you can purchase just a few and watch them take over an area as well. In some climates, petunias will return on an annual basis although they are considered to be annual many varieties will self-seed under the right conditions.


There are many great species of Ivy and all of them will grow and take over an otherwise blah area of a garden or yard. If you have a trellis or a post that needs a little something, ivy is an ideal option. Choose from several different varieties and shades of green and you’re sure to have an easy look that took minimal care to achieve.


In days gone by grandmothers would often have a potage garden. This garden was typically just off of the kitchen and it consisted of herbs that she would use in cooking. Today’s modern herb gardens leave plenty of room for self-expression and you’re sure to find some that you just can’t live without. These can be interspersed between other plants or you can set aside a select area for an herb garden.


After selecting plants for your DIY Gardening Ideas, you’ll want to have some planters. Save your money, don’t run right out and purchase a bunch of planters. Instead, look around and find things in and around your home to repurpose. Consider old tires and paint them or glue rope around them for a unique one of a kind look. Old pans that have holes in them are ideal for planting flowers in. Old camping coffee pots that leak are another great option for planters.

Old colanders will not only allow your plants to drain, but they also look great hanging over a deck or an outdoor kitchen area. When you put your mind to it you can come up with some fun and whimsical ideas for decorating your garden and yard.

Gardening doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money, in fact, less is often more when it comes to DIY gardening ideas. Focus on just a few areas at a time and allow your imagination to run wild and you’re sure to get a lot of great compliments on your garden.

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