8 Cool Gardening Hacks To Try Today

A garden is a space where many people get to have a rest and unwind. This is why people invest a lot of time in their garden. There is nothing more rewarding than having a beautiful garden. Taking good care of your garden will mean investing time and effort. There are times when you have to do a lot of work to maintain the beauty of your garden, but the good thing is there are some hacks you can use to make things far much easier. Below are some hacks that will go a long way in helping you take good care of your garden.

Repurposing things as seed starters

There are a lot of things around your home that you can use as seed starters. Some of them include lemon rinds, eggshells, ice cream cones, empty egg cartons, etc. If you choose to use ice cream cones as seed starters, make sure you cut off the bottom inch before your transplant them.

A dish of beer

You can use a dish of beer to capture slugs that are attacking your vegetables. This is an easy way of doing it without having to use chemicals. This method can also work on pill bugs. Consider spreading rinsed and crushed eggshells at the base of the plants so it can help in deterring slugs that don’t stop.

Basic coffee filter

You can block soil seepage by placing a coffee filter at the bottom. They allow water to drain easily, but there won’t be dirt going through it.

Milk jugs

People throw away milk jugs unless they can be used as plant containers, but they have another use. Cut the bottom of the milk jug then put it on the plant, ensuring the plant is at the middle of the jug. The mouth of the jug will face upwards, and this will protect your seedlings and also creating a warm greenhouse for each of your seedling. Do not put the lid on the container, you don’t want to suffocate the plant.


If you have cinderblocks around, then use them to make a raised garden bed. This cuts down the amount of work you need to do, and you also spend very little money on your garden bed.

Non-toxic weed killer

Many people today are looking to keep their gardens organic, and one way of doing this is by avoiding toxic weed killers. To make a non-toxic weed killer with things easily found in your kitchen, take vinegar and mix it with dish soap. The best time to use this is during a sunny season. You should be careful when using this because it can also affect your other plants.


There is a lot of things you can use in your garden that many people don’t even think about, including diapers. It is a good idea to use a diaper because they retain moisture.


Putting mirrors on the fence of your garden can end up making the garden look bigger than it is.

Using hacks in your garden will help you get a great looking garden without having to spend a lot of money. The good thing with the garden is you will feel rewarded every time you step into it and see how great it is starting to look.

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