How to Start a Stunning Vegetable Garden

So you have been thinking of how great it will be to have a vegetable garden but don’t know where to get started. It is a good idea to learn a little more when getting started because it will help you avoid common mistakes that can cost a lot in the long run. Getting the basics is important, and you will be able to increase your gardening skills with time.

You will need to give the garden your time if you want to see great results. You should not overthink this, it is all about plants in dirt. They need water, air, and sun. Providing plants with these things in a balanced way will ensure success in vegetable gardening. How can you start a vegetable garden?

Choosing the right location

Location is one of the most important things because you need to choose one that will provide a lot of sunshine and a little shade. You will need to think about this, and you will be forced to spend time in your backyard to watch how light is throughout the day. Another thing to pay attention to is trees around, whether in your compound or neighbors’.

The type of bed

This is a decision you will have to make when getting started. There is a wide range of options when it comes to beds, and there is also the option of blending the three main options.

Raised/Square footbeds are the simplest when starting a vegetable garden and won’t cost you a lot since there is no need for tilling the soil. The materials used are not expensive. There is a weed barrier preventing grass from entering the bed.

Pots – Pots are great when you have limited space. Small, medium and large pots can be used in growing different types of vegetables. Some vegetables that grow well when pots are used include peppers, lettuce, and garlic. You can easily move pot plants if the area is not getting enough sunlight.

Directly in the soil – this is a method that has been used for centuries. You will have to till and amend the soil before planting. It is a good idea to get your soil tested to know what it is missing.

Starter Plants or Seeds

There is a good chance you have seen seeds being sold but now you think they will just pop up as soon as you plant them. There are some seeds such as lettuce that are better at this than others such as broccoli. When getting started, try starter plants instead of seeds. You should choose plants that have a good color and strong stems.


Your vegetables are going to need water, you can get a watering system that has a timer. Many people prefer doing it by hand because they have a good chance to pull weeds and check for bugs. The process of watering your garden by hand can be therapeutic.

You need to do more research on plants that do well in your area. You also need to know the best time to plant the different types of vegetables in your garden.

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